Small Wonders Childbirth Education

Classes & advice for expecting mothers and fathers

Childbirth Classes

Empowering women and their partners, these classes feature information on the stages of labor

Virtual Visits

With the help of TeleHealth, you can meet with Dee from the comfort of your own home

Doula Training

Imagine a career that supports women during labor by ensuring a positive experience during birth

Labor Deck

These cards where designed to make supporting your partner in labor so much easier

We are here to help you achieve the positive birth you and your baby deserve

We provide education about labor and delivery within the scope of the highest standards of childbirth care.  Imagine entering into parenthood with confidence and joy.

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Experienced Care

With 30+ years experience, and over 500+ births attended, Dee shares her wisdom of pregnancy, labor, birth, postpartum, newborn care, and YES breastfeeding, too!


Professional & Friendly

We take pride in our personalized care and strive to spend the necessary time with each patient to ensure a comfortable experience


Comprehensive Coverage

We cover all topics of childbirth from preparation to action.  You will learn to balance your body and emotions


Responsive & Available

Some questions need answers quickly, and we understand.  Contact us anytime, and we’ll get back to you right away


Virtual Visits

For convenience and availability, Small Wonders offers virtual TeleHealth visits so you can have your questions answered in the comfort of your home.

Knowledge is Power


Dee at Small Wonders Childbirth is a baby goddess! My husband and i took her classes in preparation to have our first baby. I had personal goals i wanted to accomplish during birth and Dee made them a reality for me. As any first time mom i was terrified of birth. People tell you such horror stories and how horrible the pain is. Dee will prepare you for EVERYTHING! I knew exactly what stage i was in every part of labor and what would come next. I had the tools to have a wonderful birth experience. I was induced and knew that the pain would be worse because of the drug Pitocin. I went into birth with the intention of having absolutely no pain medication, knowing that it could be very painful. Once i got into the transition part of labor i was begging for the epidural. Dee not only had given me incredible tools, she taught my husband how to help me very efficiently and effectively. With his help i did not get the epidural! It was all because of what Dee had taught him. He had the tools and guidance to get me through the most pain yet most transformational experience of my life. We can’t thank you enough! If you’re expecting.... GO TO THESE CLASSES!

Emmy Lavigne Fabec

Thank you so much for the invaluable information you provided in class! Neither Michael or I can imagine having taken the class from anyone else. We enjoyed each and every class and we feel ready and excited for the birth of our baby. Thanks again, Baby Ford says ‘thank you!’ too.

Michael & Kathleen

We just wanted to say thank you. Our first baby is due March 18th and we have just finished watching Small Wonders. It was exactly what we were hoping for. Informative yet informal, progressive and unpretentious. Your DVD classes eased our anxieties and helped us feel much more prepared and confident about the birth process, and we love that we can watch them as many times as we like from the comfort of our home. We will recommend Small Wonders to friends and family.

Whitney & Brian

Jason and I wish to thank you for presenting to us all the invaluable information on childbirth in a relaxed and fun atmosphere. You were born to teach childbirth classes, you exceeded our
expectations on how much we would get out of childbirth classes.

Victoria & Jason

Empowerment, Knowledge, and Support for You and Your New Family is My Mission