Birth Doula Training Workshops

Imagine a career that supports women during labor by ensuring a positive experience during birth and beyond.

By becoming a professional birth doula you will nurture your love of helping others as you support and empower them to bring their child into this world, making it a better place.  You will give this gift to new parents as they embark on the journey and embrace the magic of parenthood.

Birth Doula Training

Training is led by Dee Sherican, RN, Birth Doula, Childbirth Educator, Breastfeeding Consultant, and Professional Doula Trainer.

Dee has over 20 years experience as a doula.  She has attended over 500 births, taught over 1,000 childbirth students, and is the producer of our Small Wonders Childbirth DVD.  Dee lovingly instructs with wisdom and laughter to teach you the skills you will need to become a doula.

Training is 18 hours, done over the course of one weekend.  You will leave the course with the confidence and knowledge to begin your practice.

Included with every course is Doula Bag willed with doula essentials like your own copy of Small Wonders Childbirth DVD, our exclusive Labor Deck, and a course workbook.  You will also recieve 6 months of phone or online support all for only $475.
Half due at registration, and half due at time of workshop.

There is nothing more joyful and rewarding then being there when a new life is born

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Topics Covered

Included with every course is Doula Bag willed with doula essentials like your own copy of Small Wonders Childbirth DVD, our exclusive Labor Deck, and a course workbook.

Complete childbirth education so you can be the expert

Hospital Routines
Hospital Procedures
Cesarean Birthand VBAC

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Comprehensive labor support during each stage of labor

Postpartum Care 
Starting Breastfeeding

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Understanding the emotional, physical, and mental variences in labor

Relaxation Techniques 
Birth Wishes 

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How to run your business, interviews, consults, contracts, etc.


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A Truely Unique Experience

Gina Ojeda

“My intention was to originally receive information on supporting women in labor and childbirth so I could be a support for my sister-in law as she brought her baby into this world. Dee just so happened to be offering her Small Wonders Doula Training in my area. I was not expecting to pursue becoming a doula full time but after taking her training, I realized this was my purpose. I now feel called to work with families who are expecting offering support, comfort and education.  This training gave me a solid foundation of education which prepared me to provide exceptional doula support for pregnant and laboring mothers. The required skills helped me learn through experience which was very beneficial. Dee was very attentive in answering any questions or addressing any of my concerns throughout the course. Dee has also been a wonderful support when I am at a birth and is always available to assist me. I am grateful to have a mentor who is passionate, knowledgeable and present in her work. “

“Dee’s Small Wonders Birth Doula Training empowered me in a way I could have never imagined. Dee helped me to see childbirth and pregnancy as the miracle that it is. As a former child welfare caseworker and now a middle school teacher, I cannot wait to see the long term impact that Dee’s teachings have in my community.”

Darby Shier