Meet Dee

I am on a mission in modern times to reclaim for women the magic of giving birth with power and confidence.







My Mission

I’ve been a registered nurse since 1984, with a focus on labor, delivery, postpartum and pediatrics and have been teaching childbirth classes and been a practicing birth doula for over nine years.

I believe that it is important for women and their partners to gather information about labor and prepare for birth. Preparation is key to having a positive birth experience. I coach women and couples that each birth is unique and help them embrace the idea that knowledge and preparation decreases fears and unnecessary discomfort, so they can relax with their labor.

My Goal

The birth of your baby is an experience you will never forget. My goal is to make that experience a positive one, in every way. The inspiration for this work came after the birth of my own three children. Working in hospitals at the time I became very familiar with what could go wrong but I want women to know what can go right. That’s what I teach.

Helping women and their partners understand the process of labor and delivery and giving them the ability to trust the natural process and to make the best choices for their birth is my passion. I have become affectionately known around my town as “Doula Dee” and have happily taught over 1,500 people and attended over 350 births which I find miraculous every time.

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My Children

I thank my children for teaching me so much of what life really is about. They are a true blessing and I am honored to have them in my life. I thank my children for teaching me so much of what life really is about. 

Dee lives in Colorado with her partner Ken. Combined they have 6 children . The births of her children were the inspiration for her work in childbirth education.