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Small Wonder labor deck cards were designed to make supporting your partner in labor a little easier. Sometimes you have a hard time finding the right words, you want to help, you want to fix it, but really all you need is to support, encourage and love her.

Reading these short and simple sayings while talking slowly and softly, add or omit any words that do not resonate with you, repeat as often as they feel right, these cards give you the wisdom you need when you may be at a loss for words .

Set of 48 cards, held together by ring so you can easily read without losing any.  These birth affirmations come in a handcrafted bag. Perfect for baby shower, or use before labor and during labor. Hang some on the wall in your babies room as prayer flags as a remembrance of your birth.

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Labor is hard work, but with positive words of encouragement her fears will be transformed into power and wisdom. When you trust the process you will witness the magic and miracle of the birth of your baby.

After each contraction remind her how great she is doing, and give her a sip of water, or spoon of ice chips. Honey for energy. Cool cloth on her forehead or behind her neck. Lip balm applied to her lips.. Just offer she can always say no, it takes more energy for her to ask for it or to make a decision.

Remind her to change positions every hour or so. Always change in between contractions, never during the contraction … say something like ,”after this contraction we can try the bath.” Also try:labor dance, hands and knees ,rocking chair, birthing ball, bath, and toilet to empty her bladder. All these things help labor progress. Remember getting into a new postions makes the contractions sensations change, remind her of this and that it is normal, If after a few contractions she still hates the new position, and cannot relax with it, well then change again.

When she is ready to push. Give her a kiss to transition into this next stage. She will need to be reminded that now she will start actively working with the contraction and not trying to relax with it, this is a big change. Encourage her to focus on bearing down and knowing that the crazyness of these sensations are also normal. Most likely during this stage there will be a lot of people in the room to help so just stay close to her, and remember to stay hydrated !

Make sure you watched Small wonders childbirth DVD to get the most information on what to expect for labor, Knowledge is power. Have a positive birth…you and your baby deserve it.

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